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NCS drama presents Beauty and the Beast on June 18, 19 & 21

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

High school students pre-record the production for at-home viewing.

This year's high school drama production, Beauty and the Beast, will be a pre-recorded show that will run through the website on June 18, 19 and 21. You will be able to buy a ticket for the evening that you wish to watch and watch together at home.

Everyone is welcome! Invite your friends and family no matter how far away they live. Here's the link to buy your ticket:

Tickets are $10 for an individual or $20 for a household.

Director's note:

This is a fabulous show of singing, dancing, acting, costumes, and fun! Students have been working tirelessly to put this show together and it is going to be a true spectacle! They have worked countless hours to perfect choreography, to make props & costumes, to rehearse scenes, to find harmonies, and genuinely support each other in the process! I am incredibly honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such kind hearted, persistent, and hard-working young people. And now you finally get to see and share the culmination of their efforts!

We do not want anyone to miss out and appreciate the many ways that you have supported this program: buying tickets, rehearsal pick-up and drop-offs, costume alterations, words of encouragement, water bottle reminders, and powerful prayers, just to name a few...

I am so grateful for God's many gifts and am delighted to share with you that this year's production highlights so many of those gifts in every single student, both on stage and backstage.

Have a wonderful evening and we hope that you will Be Our Guest!

-- Mrs. Pearlanne Beisel

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