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NCS joins pilot program with the Christian School Foundation

Working together as a Foundation means we can strategically invest donations and long-term gifts, seeking higher returns with lower fees.

This fall the Society of Christian Schools of British Columbia invited Nanaimo Christian School to be part of its three-year pilot program in partnership with the Christian School Foundation. NCS is one of a limited number of SCSBC schools joining the 80+ schools across Canada that work with the Foundation to open up new channels of support for Christian schools.

The Nanaimo Christian School Foundation

This will be the business name for our school’s Foundation. The infrastructure and back-office supports are arranged through Christian School Foundation (Canada) Inc., but the activities here in our school community will take place under our own foundation name so that our supporters are clear about whom they are supporting.

Information Evenings

In 2021, Nanaimo Christian School will be hosting opportunities – either in-person or online – to help you develop or update your Will. These events help you get some important documents in place to provide for your loved ones. These events are not focused on securing gifts for our school, though some of our supporters or their relatives might explore that option. Sign up here to be notified about upcoming events.

Medium & Long-Term Giving

Our Foundation will give people who love the mission of NCS many ways to bless our school with the longer term in mind. In addition to regular types of donations, supporters can give:

  • Tax-effective gifts of appreciated securities or property.

  • Gifts that bless our school over several years, as a deferred gift, or as part of a gift designated to bless multiple Christian schools.

  • Gifts that target a specific area of need that is close to your heart. This could be an undesignated gift, or to a Playground Fund, an Arts Fund, a Tuition Bursary Fund, a Capital Development Fund, or to support our Special Education efforts, among other options.

Working together as a Foundation means we can strategically invest these long-term gifts, seeking higher returns with lower fees.

Tax Benefits

Many people want to include a gift for our school when they are selling property or a business. Giving to the NCS Foundation can redirect some of the taxes owing so rather than a larger sum going to the government, some of it goes to our school instead. Our Foundation can make these arrangements straightforward. We will help structure your gift so that it is meaningful to you.

For More Information

Contact Jamie Moore, our Foundation representative: or contact The Christian School Foundation directly: 1.877.340.9555 or

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