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Parent Speed Learning event offers insight on what and how students learn

Updated: Feb 8

Parents meet with teachers and principals to find out more about how teaching and learning happens at NCS

The school's first-ever Parent Speed Learning event last week welcomed several parents who said they gained new insight on the way that teaching and learning happens in classrooms at Nanaimo Christian School. Hope you can join us next time!

Topics were culled from frequently asked questions and others that society members asked at our last AGM:

Christian Worldview and Teacher Training

  • How teachers are trained to teach from a biblical perspective, what courses are like, and how it impacts daily curriculum

Math Mindsets

  • New strategies including the switch from computation only to numeracy ... a deeper understanding of how to read and work with numbers

First Peoples Curriculum

  • What it means to have First People’s perspective as part of our BC curricular requirements


  • Grading using a proficiency scale, how new assessment practices give a truer picture of student understanding

Restorative Practices

  • A focus on repairing the harm done to people and relationships rather than a punitive discipline system; also social-emotional learning and reducing social barriers to learning

Student Support

  • What the student support team does and how students benefit


  • Who decides the teams we play against, how participation works, and the core philosophy behind it

High School Course Electives & Options

  • What determines the courses offered and how that impacts students

"Even though I've been an NCS parent for many years, I gained new insights about the wonderful ways that teaching and learning occurs in NCS classrooms. The mini-sessions were a fantastic format for covering a variety of important topics that were relevant to all grade levels. An hour well spent! -- Karen K

"This was a great event. I was comforted to find out NCS has well thought out strategies to address challenging issues and the event answered questions I would not have thought to ask." -- Marcus B

"The event was very informative and helpful in understanding what my children are learning plus HOW they are learning it!" -- Paula B

"It was great to get some insights into topics I've wondered about but haven't fully understood. The workshops positively impacted how I can support my son in high school." -- Jeremy B

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