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Volunteers install new playground in August

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

In three days our volunteer crew assembled the new playground, moved the old playground and relocated the atom ball court.

Wow! We did it! Praise God! We are blown away by all the donors and volunteers who came together to build a playground with Green Roots Play Equipment Company. We began fundraising for the project in November 2020, and what we figured would be a two-year endeavour actually became reality in only nine months. It's so inspiring to see our community come together to make our kids' playground dream come true at Nanaimo Christian School!

In August, Milestone Contracting (owned by an NCS family) prepped the site and donated more than $4,000 in services. Then a hard-working crew of 26 NCS volunteers and staff worked with the construction leads at Victoria-based Green Roots to build the new playground between buildings A & C. Many were NCS dads who work in construction and landscaping. Their skill helped fast-track the build, leaving enough time to also relocate the old red playground and the atom ball court.

Several parents helped serve and clean up the lunches that were so generously donated each day by Little George's (south), Tim Hortons (Brooks Landing) and Salvation Army. Other parents donated snacks and drinks. Home Depot donated the use of wheelbarrows and hand tools. And Knox Contracting donated a day's labour for four employees.

The playground is set to officially open on the first day of school, September 1. We can't wait to see the excitement on our students' faces when they get to try it out for the first time! (See video.) Thank you to everyone who made it possible. So incredible.

It really does take a village … and we are so grateful for ours!

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