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Welcome! Huānyíng! 欢迎 Eoseo osibsio! Bienvenido! ようこそ Yōkoso!

We’re excited to introduce you to our International Student Program at Nanaimo Christian School. 


Nanaimo Christian School is a welcoming educational community that equips students to achieve success in who God has called them to be. We are committed to high academic standards and offer a variety of educational programs taught from a Christian perspective.


Since 2010 we have welcomed students to our school’s international student program. They come from several countries including China, Korea, Japan, Germany and the Dominican Republic.


Whether in elementary school, middle school or high school, our international students are fully integrated into classes with the rest of our student body. Our international students are immersed in Canadian culture and are supported to fully develop English language skills while working toward a Canadian high school diploma.

11 reasons to choose the NCS international student program

  1. Low international student ratio -- Less than 10 percent of our student body consists of international students, allowing for full integration in an all-English environment.

  2. Character development -- We strongly emphasize the development of children’s morals and values. We do this through the Christian perspective

  3. High academic standards -- Fully accredited staff prepare students for university and a changing, competitive job market.

  4. Supportive learning environment -- English Language Learning teachers, an international student coordinator, and school counsellors build strong relationships with students. 

  5. Structured, student-centered learning -- Students focus on their interests in project-based learning whether in core subjects or electives such as robotics or graphic design. 

  6. Low student to-teacher ratio -- Individual attention helps students more easily learn, make friends, and develop meaningful connections with teachers.  

  7. A sense of belonging -- Students say they really appreciate the love and concern they feel from teachers and the sense of community they feel among the students.

  8. Extracurricular activities -- Experiences include athletics (badminton, track, basketball, volleyball, soccer), an engaging music program, theatre performances and more.

  9. Cultural activities -- Students join in celebrations of national holidays and Canadian traditions both at school and with homestay families.

  10. Caring homestay families -- Students become part of a Christian family, sharing meals, holidays, traditions and daily routines.

  11. Clean, fresh air -- Our spacious campus is located on beautiful Vancouver Island in the small, safe city of Nanaimo with lots of clean, fresh air. 


International program documents & links

Quick facts 


Adjusting to Canadian life

Our international student coordinator helps with anything students and families need to be successful in school in Canada.


Language instruction

Students receive 1.5 – 3 hours of English Learning Language instruction each week with ELL teachers in small-group or one-on-one sessions. 


Homestay program

A Christian homestay family is carefully matched with each international student attending grades 6-12. International students in grades K-5 must live with their family in Canada. 


Using technology

Students at NCS in grades 6-12 bring a laptop to school each day since most classes require students to complete work electronically through Google Classroom.


Medical insurance

All students living in Canada more than three months are required to apply to MSP, the BC medical service plan. The costs are paid by the school while enrolled at NCS. Students also receive Guard Me international medical insurance.


Special activities

Students experience Canadian traditions through special trips and activities including ski trips to Mt. Washington, trips to the provincial capital of Victoria, and trips to the small surf town of Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast.


Applying to the program

The average processing time for applications is three weeks. Click here for more information on applying.


Contact us 

(Skype, Zoom, email, phone)

Rhonda Libbus

International Program Coordinator


Phone: (250) 754-4512 Ext. 122           

Fax: (250) 754-4271


Connect on WeChat


“NCS has given me so much support and love. Through Bible and chapel time, I truly feel a connection with Jesus and have such a meaningful time to share my thoughts with others. As an international student, I also receive much help from teachers and don’t face difficult school problems alone."

Jiah, Grade 12 international student

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