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Students send encouragement during Grandparents'/Grandfriends' Week

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Read excerpts from "Why my grandparent is the best in the world."

Grandparents’/Grandfriends’ Week at NCS looked a little different this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. We weren’t able to gather at school like usual due to social distancing restrictions. So this year Mr. Sijpheer challenged students to get creative and find a way to bless their grandparents or a grandfriend no matter where they live.

We were blown away by the response! Check out some of the photos and videos.

How blessed NCS students are by their grandparents and special grandfriends!

For local grandparents/friends, our students delivered gelato, flowers, homemade scones and had visits on driveways and sunny decks.

For those who live far away (Ontario! South Africa! England!), our students mailed cards — one written in Dutch — and had video visits. On Zoom with their teachers they shared their learning and read stories to their Nanas and Papas, Omas and Opas, grandfriends. They played games, said ‘I love you,’ and even learned to play instruments.

As part of a school assignment, many students wrote: Why My Grandparent/friend is the Best in the World. Here are excerpts:

“My grandparents are the best because they believe in God. They help me grow in my faith, believe in me and help me during rough times.”

“My Grandma is the best because she is very loving. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses and takes good care of me when I’m with her.”

“My great-mama was the absolute best. She had three elephants made of white quartz and marble. Whenever I touched them, she would tell me a story about them. She said they were magical creatures but I knew that wasn’t true. She was trying to make me imagine very very impossible stuff.”

“My grandma is supportive. When I was around seven years old, I was doing a fundraiser for the arctic fox. She gave me $20 and said “Change the world”. She also gives me money for stuff I want sometimes. She also supports me with the things I like.”

“My grandma is cool. One time when I was about nine, my grandma let me eat 5 cookies. It was 11:00am.”

“My Nanny (grandma) is the best. She is generous. She bakes bread for us with her special recipe and gives us extra loaves to give to friends!"

“My grandma is the best. She is kind and merciful. If we make a mistake she doesn’t get mad and she forgives us. She loves me and my sisters and God.”

“My grandparents are the best. My grandma helped me with school a lot when I was younger and they both come to my BMX races and support me. My grandpa helps me in BMX a lot. He gives me little tips and tricks which help me ride better.”

“My grandparents are THE BEST!! My grandma likes to take me to the hockey games and we always sit in the same seats behind the bench. My grandpa likes to play pass with me and he plays with me and my cousins.”

“My grandma is the best in the entire world. She cooks the best Italian food. Her Easter bread, apple pies, french fries are so yummy.”

“My grandparents are the absolute best in the world. One thing I love about my Nana and Papa is they love God. They are always praying and reading their bibles. They love to talk about God. When they come to visit from Ontario they pray with me before bed.”

“My grandpa is the best. He is very generous. He likes to take me and my little brother out to Dairy Queen. Sometimes, he even takes our whole family out to A&W.”

“My grandpa is the best at being a grandpa. He is really good at making things out of wood. He sometimes even lets me help him make the thing he is working on. It is really cool to watch him. Usually there are wood chips flying everywhere so I have to wear eye protection.”

“My grandparents are the best. We get to go for sleepovers at their house. We watch movies while eating a picnic supper on the floor. Often we have popsicles or ice cream as a treat. I sleep on an air mattress, so it kind of feels like I am camping.”

“My grandparents are the best. We go for walks along the beach and walk on the logs. Sometimes we also build driftwood forts. Once in a while we go on the long drive to Tofino, we find some really cool shells and play in the waves.”

“My grandfriend is the absolute best in the galaxy. My grandfriend is fun. My grandfriend likes playing board games and they are a good sport. My grandfriend also likes watching me drive crazy in Lego City Undercover.”

“My grandparents are the absolute best in the world. My Nana and Papa are really funny. They are always telling funny jokes. My Papa tells the most jokes with puns. His jokes are really funny but sometimes are cheesy. My Nana and Papa always brighten my day.”

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