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Welcome back, students!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Videos introduce students to pandemic protocols at NCS in June.

We are well prepared and very excited to welcome more students back on campus starting June 1st. We know that not everyone is able to return, so whether you are on campus or at home, we have put careful consideration into how to continue to support your learning and care well for each of you.

For those of you returning next week, please be sure to watch the videos linked below for some important instructions to make the first day back feel a little more normal.

Kindergarten – Grade 5

Click here to watch Benson and Pepper returning to school and see how it is going to look. Middle School and High School

Welcome Aboard! Please watch this important safety video prior to boarding … and thank you for choosing Air NCS.  If you would like more details on our return to in class-instruction, including all of our new cleaning, safety and distancing protocols, check out the NCS Return to In-Class Instruction document in today’s all-school email.



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