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7 Things About Ms. Maree Armich

Introducing a new business office staff member at NCS.

Meet Ms. Maree Armich, a new accounts receivable staff member at NCS! Here are 7 things you need to know about her.

1) New position at NCS

Accounts receivable

2) Before coming to NCS

I graduated from VIU with a Culinary Arts degree, and after years of being a chef I stepped into a different career path of accounting.

3) Favorite thing about my work

Connecting! Whether it be connecting the dots with a calculation, or connecting with others. Connection is key.

4) If I were a crayon ...

I would be green! Green resembles growth. With growth, comes strength.

5) Secret talent or party trick

I can cook the perfect egg.

6) Hobbies

I like hiking and exploring new areas on Vancouver Island, a good game of pickle ball, and creating new dishes inspired by recipes from all around the world.

7) God has been teaching me

This year God has been teaching me to embrace and surrender -- embrace change, embrace with grace, and embrace the unknown. We cannot surrender until we embrace all that is within and around us.

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