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Congrats to 2020 grad athlete Thomas!

Thomas and his coaches reflect on his athletic career at NCS.

“Becoming an NCS athlete gave me the opportunity to work with people I previously wouldn’t have worked with. Being a part of a NCS sports team invites you to join a great atmosphere. My teammates and coaches were very patient and encouraging, and together we created an environment for not only success as a team but for success as individuals.”

— Thomas, grade 12

Congratulations to Thomas and all of our 2020 grade 12 athletes at Nanaimo Christian School! What a joy it has been to celebrate your unique gifts and watch you grow into the person God has called you to be.

“Thomas started playing basketball for NCS last year in grade 11 and since then has come so far! Thomas is the one who will push himself and man does he have hustle!

     I remember last year in practices when I would have to jump in and I would choose to defend Thomas to try and get a slightly easier opponent but he took the summer to refine his skills and this year he dominated in the post — there was no getting around him as his moves have improved so much. There are only a handful of students we would see in open gym times at lunch that were there consistently, and Thomas was one of them.

     My highlight as his coach is being able to put him into a few of our island championship games as a starting centre and watch him put into practice what he had worked so hard at all year. Thomas the train, you will be missed. I hope you will come back and help with scrimmages and giving the up-and-coming post players a run for their money.”

— Coach Bre (NCS Sr Boys Basketball Coach)

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