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Ever wanted to see Mr. Sjipheer in a Canucks jersey?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Now is your chance to "vote" for which jersey our head principal will wear to the Oilers vs. Canucks game in Vancouver next week.

There's just one thing, well maybe more than one, that the NCS board would LOVE to see happen before our head principal leaves NCS at the end of the school year: Mr. Sijpheer wearing a Canucks hockey jersey to a home game vs. the Edmonton Oilers. Next week is the last chance to see that happen, and the board is asking for your help.

As you may know, Mr. Sijpheer is a diehard Oilers fan. His office is decked with orange and blue Edmonton Oilers memorabilia, and he's quick to dish out morning-after heckling when the Oilers have trounced the Canucks. Well, Canucks fans and NCS friends, our time has finally come.

The board got him a ticket -- right behind the Edmonton Oilers' team bench -- for next Tuesday's Oilers vs. Canucks game at Rogers Arena, and they struck a deal with him. The board got him to agree (against his better Oiler judgement) to wear a Canucks jersey to the game ... IF AND ONLY IF ... there are more "votes" for the Canucks than the Oilers. Yes, all of the Oilers players on the bench would actually see him in a Canucks jersey!

Your votes will be measured in donations placed in either the Oilers box or the Canucks box outside at school drop off/pick up times or by an online e-transfer to (See above flyer for details.)

Really, it's a win for everyone: All proceeds will go toward new outdoor hockey and recess equipment for the school.

The team box that has raised the most money by the end of the day Monday, January 24, will be the jersey that Mr. Sijpheer wears to the game. Who wants to see him in a Canucks jersey?

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