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For Remembrance Day, students write letters from the trenches

Grade 11/12 creative writing students create a website with "letters home" that they have written, imagining they were military serving abroad.

This month the Nanaimo Christian School grade 11/12 creative writing students honoured Canada's military veterans by putting themselves in their shoes and writing letters "home" to loved ones. They posted the correspondence on a Letters Home website they created.

Students imagined they were serving abroad in the Armed Forces during World War I, World War II, or during a peacekeeping mission.

"I am safe. We hear shooting, but rarely much closer than the river. The Germans have taken many of my friends and townspeople away to work in their horrid ammunition and weapon factories. Now, before you read this, don't worry ... "

One letter from a soldier pays respects to the parents of a fallen comrade. Another is penned by a father who apologizes to his daughter for missing her 12th birthday. Other letters tell the true story of one NCS student's great-grandparents in the Netherlands who were separated by World War II but were married three months after the war ended.

Read more on the Letters Home website.

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