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Grade 1-2 students run bake sale to raise $1,500 to support those in need

Deeper learning through a Christian lens inspired students to identify specific needs and respond in love. Here's how:

In January the Grade 1-2 classes started learning about the difference between needs and wants. As they dove into understanding of this concept, it became apparent to them that there are people here in our local community that do not have all of their needs met. They were challenged with the question "If God asks us to love others, how can we show love to those who do not have what they need?"

Through this question they began to come up with MANY ideas of ways that they could help others in our community. They soon discovered that all of their great ideas required one thing - MONEY! So their thinking shifted to coming up with ways that they could raise money, and the idea of a bake sale was born.

The students took the lead in every aspect of planning and running the bake sale. They:

  • Brainstormed the jobs that would need to be done

  • Determined when the jobs would need to be done

  • Made posters to advertise

  • Prepared treats

  • Learned how to count money and make change

  • Worked as cashiers

  • Priced items

  • Managed the line-up

  • Served customers

In the end the bake sale raised $1,500!!! Students were then challenged to choose the organization that they saw was the best fit to meet the needs of people in our community. In this process they asked deep and important questions to ensure they were making wise decisions.

One student wondered whether an organization had an option for long-term housing, or if it was just short term. Another student questioned whether there were enough meal options offered by one of the organizations. Through this questioning process students finally came to a decision and have decided that their proceeds will be allocated this way:

  • $750 to Island Crisis Care Society -- from Mrs. Kirkbride/Taylor's and Mrs. Jansen's classes.

  • $750 to Loaves & Fishes Food Bank -- from Miss Krastel's and Ms. Mallard's classes.

Thank you to everyone who supported this process and a huge congratulations to our students for their incredible, thoughtful work!

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