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Grade 12 student talks about high school life at NCS

Jenna Taylor shares about her favourite class, what helps her feel like she belongs, and how her faith has changed.

Grade 12 student Jenna Taylor chats with high school principal Mr. Jon Roper about high school life and how she has grown since coming to Nanaimo Christian School in grade 4. Watch this 9-minute clip [above] to hear about her experience leading students, serving the city’s vulnerable residents, feeling like she belongs, and seeing God at work in her life.

“NCS has been really formative in turning my faith from something that I learned from my parents to something that is my own and being able to see God is moving in my life every single day,” she says.

The deeper learning that happens in Christian education makes a difference in kids' lives. Want to help students like Jenna identify their unique gifts and become who God has called them to be?

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