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Help fill the NCS piggy bank for annual coin drive March 1-12

Bring in your loose change to help elementary and middle school build a playground and help high school buy a ping pong table. $4,000 is our goal!

Student Council will be helping run the K-12 Coin Drive this year. It will be running from March 1st to 12th. The money raised in Elementary and Middle School will be put towards the playground fund, and the money raised in High School will be put towards a Ping Pong Table. Our fundraising goal for Elementary and Middle school is $3,000, and the fundraising goal for High School is $1,000.

The classes in each division with the heaviest amount of coins and the greatest value of coins will each win a pizza party with a movie, and the teacher will win a gift card to a place of choice.

The coins will be collected for weighing and counting at the end of each week. We will have Student Council members coming around to advertise various times in the next couple of weeks to get people excited!

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