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High school students learn essential life skills & volunteer during Adulting Week

Meal planning, car maintenance, basic sewing and investment strategies are among the topics students explored.

Nanaimo Christian School high school students embarked on an exciting journey into the realm of "adulting" in April with a series of Adulting Week workshops designed to equip them with essential life skills beyond the classroom. Recent alumni, parents and others led sessions on a range of topics on the theme "Equipped for Life" -- from mastering the art of cooking to delving into investment strategies.

Day 1: Skills for Everyday Life

The first day kicked off with a lineup of engaging workshops led by experts in their field.

  • Cooking and Food Safety -- In the school kitchen, Heidi Sinclair guided students through the creation of Rainbow Veggie-Hummus Wraps, emphasizing cooking techniques and food safety practices.

  • Getting & Staying Organized -- Larissa Sevenhuysen shared valuable insights on creating systems for organization, from tidying up backpacks to managing time effectively.

  • Meal Planning -- Nicole Martin provided simple strategies and tips for healthy eating that are both easy and delicious, empowering students to make informed choices about their nutrition.

  • Students & Financial Literacy -- Lance Vaillancourt from Canada Revenue Agency shed light on Canada's tax system and the importance of financial responsibility, equipping students with the knowledge to navigate their financial futures with confidence.

  • Automotive Basic Skills -- In the lower parking lot, Erik Johansson imparted fundamental automotive skills, ensuring students are equipped to handle basic maintenance tasks like checking oil and tire pressure.

  • Using Your Gap Year to Make a Difference -- Recent alum Stefan Lindkvist shared insights into mission opportunities, inspiring students to explore meaningful ways to make a difference in the world.

  • Entrepreneurship & Starting Your Own Business -- Kelsey Jahnke shared her journey of building a successful business through social media and branding, inspiring entrepreneurial aspirations in our students.

  • Financial Independence & Investment Strategies -- Brett Corcoran delved into the world of personal finance, empowering students to make informed decisions about their financial futures.

  • Life at Camp -- Taylor Tenhove provided a glimpse into the transformative experiences offered by camp ministry, encouraging students to consider opportunities for personal, spiritual, and relational growth.

  • Simple Sewing -- Gladys Schmidt imparted basic sewing skills, equipping students with the ability to tackle simple repairs and projects with confidence.

Thank you to all the volunteer speakers who generously shared their time, expertise, and passion with our students!

Day 2: Serving Our Community

On the second day, students served in various community projects -- from assisting seniors to participating in neighborhood cleanups. NCS students embodied the spirit of compassion and community engagement. Service opportunities included:

  • Seniors homes

  • Elementary school helpers

  • Staff lunch

  • Invasive plant cleanup

  • Holland Road Field cleanup

  • Nurse appreciation

  • Neighbour blessing

  • Hospice Thrift Shoppe 

Thank you to everyone who took part in Adulting Week. The week is an important part of the personal growth happening at NCS that extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. It enriches students' educational journey and equips them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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