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High School students participate in 'Christmas Angels' program

NCS High Schoolers partner with Volunteer Nanaimo to bless two families this Christmas

High school students at Nanaimo Christian School are participating in the “Christmas Angels” program through Volunteer Nanaimo. They are adopting two families who need some extra blessings this Christmas. The two families consist of 7 children ranging in ages from 5-18 years old, their parents and a 90-year-old Grandma.

Students are working together in collaboration to support these two families in our community. NCS Families are invited to select items to purchase and then bring them to the gift box under the tree.

If you would like to join in this festive activity you can do so by stopping by the Christmas tree and selecting a tag with suggested items. All NCS families are welcome to bring an item or gift card in to support the families. Listed below are some suggestions of items.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated - your kindness and generosity will make a big difference to our adopted families this Christmas. If you would like to learn more about the Christmas Angels program and Volunteer Nanaimo you can do so by following this link.


Family #1

Girl (5 Years Old) - wears sz 7

- any warm clothing

- LOL dolls and barbies

Girl (7 Years Old) - wears sz 8

- any warm clothing

- likes all dolls

Girl (15 Years Old)

- womens XL

- hoodies, sweater

- enjoys drawing/art supplies

Boy (17 Years Old) - mens lg tshirts

- XL sweatpants

- shoe sz 11

- likes lego

- Hats

- skateboarding

Mom - Lg, hoodie

- shoe sz 10

- coffee products

- mom treats

Dad - mens Lg

- coffee treats

Additional Ideas: Mitts, Socks, Pjs, Christmas treats, bath products, groceries


Family #2

Girl (13 Year Old) - ladies Lg.

- shoe sz 6

- loves anything from Lilo & Stitch

- arts & crafts

- loves to swim at the pool (rec centre passes)

Boy (15 Year Old) - mens lg.

- shoe sz 8

- anything to do with dogs

- arts & crafts

- enjoys weaving bracelets

- loves to swim at the pool (rec centre passes)

Gender Neutral (18 Years Old) - wears 2XL

- shoe sz 10W.

- loves cooking so any cooking supplies (pans, measuring cups, etc)

- enjoys board games

- loves to swim at the pool (rec centre passes)

Mom & Dad have no personal requests however the family does enjoy camping, toiletries/bath products (no sizes provided)

Grandma is 90 - wears ladies XL and would like anything cozy - robe, blanket

Additional Ideas: warm hoodies, Socks, Slippers, Pjs., Christmas treats, bath products. Groceries appreciated.

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