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Kindergarten students learn about endangered marmots

Pajama hibernation day, reading with flashlights in "burrows" and a special guest speaker highlight fun facts about the species.

In kindergarten we are learning about the endangered Vancouver Island marmot. To teach us all about them we had a special guest visit us, Mr. Kevin Gourlay, a marmoteer with Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation. Here's a fun 13-second peek at his visit captured on video on Facebook or Instagram.

We had a blast and have since enjoyed many learning activities sharing what we know. In honour of Groundhog Day last week we had a special pajama hibernation day to celebrate our marmot learning so far. We spent some time in our "burrows" reading with flashlights and enjoyed some tasty snacks. We love VI marmots!

We hope by teaching our youngest friends about this special critter that many more would be introduced to the VI marmot.

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