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MLA Sheila Malcolmson & others speak at 'Adulting Week' in high school

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Students learn life skills at 3rd annual event -- from understanding cryptocurrency to filleting a fish, developing resilience, and more.

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Earlier this month, Nanaimo Christian School high school students participated in the school's 3rd annual "Adulting Week '' conference with 13 guest speakers over three days. The conference coincided with Mental Health Week in Canada, and speakers shared insights about their careers and life skills through the lens of mental health.

Students took part in several mini 'adult skills' workshops which included checking vehicle fluids, basic first aid, understanding cryptocurrency, basic sewing skills, and how to fillet a fish. It was a great chance for students to experience hands-on learning from several leaders in our local community while meeting curriculum requirements of their Career Life and Health course.

We were blessed to have so many local experts (some of them alumni or alumni parents) share their wisdom and experiences with us. Nearly all of our speakers come from a Christian background. They are open about their faith, often referencing faith, prayer or other connections to biblical principles.

We would like to thank the following speakers who shared during the course of the conference.

  • Honorable Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, shared on how to support mental and physical health in our community.

  • Andrea Dershin of Good Life Juice, spoke about nutrition, mental health and owning your business.

  • Clifton Pinder, school counselor, explained building a mental health first aid kit

  • Fallon Benson, Univ Of Ottawa Law School graduate, shared her experience about finding your passion for helping others

  • Mark Beisel, DFO officer, spoke about his career with Fisheries and the Coast Guard

  • Mr. and Mrs Johansson, helped with mini skills lessons

  • Rohann Van Rensburg gave us a crash course on Cryptocurrency

  • Cindy Thompson, Christian Registered Clinical Counsellor and founder, shared on developing resilience

  • Troy Libbus, Assistant Fire Chief of Nanaimo, discussed how mental health impacts him personally and in his job as a first responder

  • Anna Boland, a musician currently studying at Columbia Bible College, shared how her faith has impacted her mental health

  • Nicole Struthers, Certified Exercise Physiologist & Functional Health Coach, discussed her role in supporting those in need

  • Marc McKnight, Certified Financial Planner, discussed finances and how to be wise with money

The Honourable Sheila Malcolmson later tweeted about the impact our students had on her during "Adulting Week" at NCS.

If you would like to be a part of our "Adulting Week" conference next year, please contact us at 250-754-4512 or email Congratulations to all of the students and staff for such a wonderful and engaging conference. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

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