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Mr. Sijpheer hands out year-end awards and gives thanks to God

Watch the principal's weekly video to see service awards presented to current students, a former student, and a parent volunteer.

In his weekly video for students, Mr. Sijpheer shows video clips of year-end service awards for students, an alumnus and a parent volunteer whose talents and time made such a difference in our school this year. We are grateful for you! And we're thankful that we made it to the end of the school year with God's protection. He has given us the strength, wisdom and courage to do all types of different things this school year.

Our 2020-21 theme is so fitting. We were meant to THRIVE. We are planted by streams of living water, and because of that anything is possible with Jesus. We do all of this work for our heavenly Master, and that is what it means to thrive.

"God, we give you thanks today for a tremendous school year. We ask for a great summer for every student and everyone on staff. And we look forward to being back together again for the 2021-22 school year. Be blessed, Nanaimo Christian School."
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