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Mr. Sijpheer teaches about snowflakes and the truth about you

Watch the principal's weekly video to look under a microscope at snowflakes, each one perfect, marvellous and unique -- like you.

In his weekly video for students and inspired by a snowy weekend in Nanaimo, Mr. Sijpheer shows us several snowflakes under a microscope. Each crystal is a masterpiece of design, and no one design is ever repeated. This is exactly how God made you.

If God took the time to design every single snowflake so beautifully unique, imagine how much more work He put into you. There is no one else just like you. God invests in His own workmanship, and that unique and beautiful work of art is the result -- you!

The next time you're out in the snow, take a closer look at a single flake and remember that you are perfect and marvellous exactly as you are, just as God made you.

"Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvellous—how well I know it." -- Psalm 139:14 (The Living Bible)
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