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NCS Musical Theatre presents The Lion King Jr.

Updated: Jun 12

High school students took several sold-out audiences on an inspiring and uplifting journey to the African savanna June 6-8.

Welcome to the enchanting world of "The Lion King Jr."! Nanaimo Christian School's High School Musical Theatre Department performed this timeless tale June 6-8, selling out several performances.

The cast and crew took audiences on a journey to the heart of the African savanna where Simba, a young lion prince, discovers his true identity and destiny. Through vibrant characters, captivating music, and breathtaking visuals, "The Lion King Jr." celebrates the circle of life, the bonds of family, and the courage to embrace one's legacy.

Thank you to everyone who joined us as we roared with laughter, sang with joy, and embarked on an unforgettable adventure that was inspiring and uplifting.

Thank you to everyone who supported the production to help students' talents shine!

  • Slegg Lumber -- Pride Rock building materials

  • Triple T Party Rentals -- Red carpet

  • Gio Creative -- Program design

  • Evan Bryn-Jones, Joel Helland, Gerry Kopec, Gerry Boy & theatre production class -- Set construction

  • Lynne Rogers & Sue Olsen -- Choral support

  • Nik Ferris -- Lighting/sound

  • Marion Damborg -- Costume Designer

  • Avril Ye, Gio & Francois Brassens -- Headpiece design

  • And many other parents and teachers who volunteered countless hours!

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