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NCS parent invites others to pray through list of teachers and staff

Each week this school year you can pray specifically for named staff members.

Last school year a parent at Nanaimo Christian School suggested that parents support our teachers and staff in prayer -- each week focusing on a couple of different names -- and it is now up and running!

Each Monday our parent volunteer shares the names of 2-3 staff members on the "Nanaimo Christian School Parents Group" on Facebook and invites students and their families to pray for them.

She says: If you have been around our school or in the classrooms you will know how much care and love our staff pour into our students. A great deal of energy, time and love goes into creating our school community. We know that many of our families already pray for our school but we are excited to start this initiative which will allow them to pray specifically for named staff members.

Thank you so much to our parent volunteer for coordinating this initiative! To everyone praying please know that your impact will be widely felt and greatly appreciated.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at NCS, please email our Parent Community Coordinator, Tessa Fuiava.

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