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New 24-passenger bus and stage equipment coming soon

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Last year you donated $129,112 to the extracurricular fund to purchase these much-needed items.

Thanks to your generous donations in 2021-22 we far-surpassed the $50,000 goal and raised $129,112 toward last year's extracurricular fund ... all for the purchase of a multi-function school activity bus and stage equipment at Nanaimo Christian School.

These are two pressing needs of the school.

Here's an update on what we were able to purchase:

School activity bus

  • 2022 Ford Micro Bird 24-Passenger Multi-Function School Activity Bus

  • Larger than the 15-passenger van originally projected due to over-goal fundraising

  • Why: With more students, we have more teams and groups needing to travel to games, performances and field trips.

  • Expected delivery: March 2023

Stage equipment

  • Microphones, speakers, cords, stage light, stage curtain, and more

  • Why: For chapel and performing arts, if we own rather than rent the stage equipment, students can practice and perform more effectively.

  • Expected delivery: November 2022

Thank you for investing in the lives of children and being part of the exciting things God is doing at NCS!

“The bonding that happens when teams are able to travel to tournaments together is key to a strong athletics program, so getting a reliable travel option would only help with the successes we are seeing.” -- Breanne Quist, Athletic Director

“Our kids work diligently on programs for the community, but unless we can actually hear them, much of that work goes unnoticed! Equipment that is onsite for rehearsals before a final performance would be greatly appreciated.” -- Melanie Vanstone, K-5 Music Teacher

Update: This week we took a couple students to local business Long & McQuade to purchase some of the stage equipment including a mixing board, microphones, speakers and a few other items. So exciting!

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