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New Middle School students receive custom-designed t-shirts to start year

Strathcona Art's orca design reminds students they belong here and are part of something special.

Each year, one of the ways NCS Middle School lives out its philosophy is to create an atmosphere of belonging, even before students set foot in the school. Since 2020, we've been using this custom orca design from Strathcona Art to represent our community.

We want all students to feel known, loved, supported, encouraged, and that they belong here. When grade 5 students graduate from elementary school they are given a new shirt for middle school with our signature orca design and the phrase "you belong here." In August, the middle school administrators drive to the homes of all new students to deliver them a shirt and a card inviting them to MS 101 Orientation. Here's a new grade 6 student rocking this year's t-shirt in a vibrant aqua blue!

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