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Newcomers' pasta dinner event welcomes families joining NCS

Families joining NCS this school year gathered for dinner, entertainment and a time of connection and community building.

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We were thrilled to come together November 3 to share a pasta dinner with our newest Nanaimo Christian School families.

The evening gave new families time to connect, pray, hear stories, laugh and create new friendships. Parents were entertained with a live music performance by three NCS students and enjoyed desserts made by high school students.

Thank you to everyone who attended. And thank you to our generous volunteers, students and staff who made this evening possible:

  • Tessa and her decorating team: Ashton, Larissa J, Jenn, Landon, Andrew

  • Larissa S and her serving team: Mandy, Rebecca and Marie

  • Table organizers: Dawna, Sam and Jamie

  • Welcomer: Larissa J

  • Main course chef, Aimee and prep team: Natasha, Jamie and Jenn

  • Dessert chefs, Mr Beisel and his Foods class as well as parent Esther

  • Tech support, Mr Patience

  • Gym set-up, Mr Komant

  • Entertainment, Gloria and the 5 Os

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