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Reflections on the one-year anniversary of the COVID pandemic

Mr. Sijpheer highlights things he's thankful for, sharing funny and memorable video clips from students and staff.

He's not saying, "Hey, let's do that again!" but as Mr. Sijpheer looks back over the past year since the pandemic began (and he started these weekly videos) he highlights several things he's thankful for:

  1. All the students and parents he got to meet because Zoom made it easier

  2. Seeing all the videos students learned to make

  3. So many families reaching out and helping each other during a tough time

  4. Staff who kept coming to work and doing beautiful work even if they were a little nervous

  5. Parents who helped with learning at home and did a great job

  6. Our God who continued to be amazing and faithful!

Check out the video to see memorable clips and photos sent in by students and staff during the pandemic for the principal's weekly challenges -- from creative cooking to musical masterpieces to fitness feats.



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