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Superhero gala raises $34,800 for safety & accessibility fund

It was a fun night with student performances, dinner, games, auctions and your generosity bringing the safety & accessibility fund to $63,704 total!

On April 26 nearly 200 Nanaimo Christian School students, parents, grandparents, staff, former staff and friends came together for a fun evening at the Superhero Gala & Auction in the NCS gym. It was a great night with student performances, dinner, games, auctions and your generosity bringing the safety & accessibility fund to $63,704 total!.

THANK YOU to all who gave with donations of time and energy, gathering items, buying items, making cash donations, and recruiting family and friends to join in the superhero-themed evening. The event raised $34,800 toward the student safety and accessibility fund for building upgrades. Add to that the other $28,904 in safety and accessibility giving this school year, and we are at $63,704 … getting close to our big goal of $75,000! You can donate here.

Thank you to all who pulled item tags off the giving tree at the gala and gave an additional $1,230 toward adaptive equipment for students in classrooms: noise-cancelling headphones, sensory tools, a tablet and more.

THANK YOU to our event sponsors:

Thank you to our parent volunteers behind the scenes who coordinated the food prep/clean up (Aimee Rounding), food servers (Larissa Sevenhuysen), decorating team (Karen Kangas), the auctioneering (Steven Johns), and childcare team (Marsha Down). Thank you to all the other parents who also assisted. It was a large and enthusiastic crew who made the night a success.

Thank you to our student performers -- Fiddelium and the cast of the upcoming NCS production of The Lion King. Thank you to the students who helped with childcare during the gala and earned nearly $600 toward the drama department through childcare ticket sales. Thank you to Grade 7 student Emily Mitchell who created a staff favourites cookbook and brought in nearly $700 in sales/donations for the student safety and accessibility fund.

Thank you to Off The Hook for catering the meat for dinner. Thank you to Fresh Slice Pizza for donating pizza for the kids in childcare. Thank you to those who donated cakes and desserts: Sweets by Tonia, Country Grocer, Little Sugar Studio, Soli Cake, Aimee Rounding, Jacqueline MacIsaac, Chelli Morris, Kari Warner, Jacklyn McDonald and Sarah Yap.

Thank you to the NCS staff who helped with MCing, audio/visuals, welcome check-in, auction check-out. We're so grateful for your hard work and heart for our school.

What a joy to see our community coming together to support our kids and our mission of Christ-centered educational excellence. Thank you!

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