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NCS Certificate Installation

In order to gain access to our network you will need to download and install the NCS Certificate, click on the download button below to get the certificate in a ZIP format.

Once you have the file downloaded, you need to extract the file and import it into your certificate location. It is different for each Operating System, click on the links below or scroll down the page to follow a guide on how to do it for your specific Operating System.

Please note: You only need to apply the certificate once

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows

1. Double click the extracted file, this will open the Certificate Import Wizard 


Mac OS


1. From the Finder menu, go to Go > Utilities.
2. Launch the Keychain Access application
3. From the Keychains panel, click System
4. From the Category panel, click Certificates
5. Create a new keychain by clicking the [ + ] at the bottom of the Keychain Access window
6. Navigate to your download directory and select the certificate file
7. Click Open
8. If prompted, enter your MAC password and click Modify Keychain Access
9. Double-click the relevant certificate in the list
10. Expand the Trust section
11. In the When using this certificate drop-down, select Always Trust
12. Close the certificate window
13. When prompted, enter your MAC password to confirm the changes and click Update Settings
14. Close the Keychain Access window



1. Go to Menu > Settings
2. Expand Show advanced settings
3. Go to HTTPS/SSL and click Manage certificates...
4. Go to Authorities and click Import...
5. Navigate to your download directory and select the file you downloaded earlier
6. Select Trust this certificate for identifying websites
7. Click OK
8. Click Finished and close the settings tab

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