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Canucks vs. Oilers jersey fundraiser yields $4,400+ in new recess gear

Updated: May 31, 2022

A happy, active recess means productive learning afterward. Thank you for your amazing support!

Remember that time in January when you voted for Head Principal Mr. Sijpheer (Oilers fan) to wear either a Canucks jersey or an Oilers jersey to a home Canucks game and he wasn't too happy with the result? See photos here. Your votes/donations raised more than $4,400 for recess gear for our students at Nanaimo Christian School. The kids were so excited when all of the gear arrived last week! Thanks to your generosity, we were able to get:

  • large and medium sized soccer balls

  • large and medium sized basketballs

  • footballs

  • scoops with wiffle balls

  • atom balls

  • hockey balls, plastic pucks and LOTS of sticks of various sizes

Thank you for supporting our students! A happy, active recess means productive learning afterward!



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